posted Jun 17, 2012, 8:06 AM by Clara Rico   [ updated May 20, 2013, 9:56 AM by Kool Kat ]
These are a collection of some of my sketches involving camping.  They aren't in order with my other entries, but seem to be better grouped together.

(insert photo from Francisco's phone)

This is our what-we-thought-was-large tent.  After seeing lots of extra large tents, we realized that it was just about right.  

Here Q has taken all the clothes out of the suitcase to make room for herself.  Then, I thought it was so cute, I had to try and sketch the jumbled up mess.  It was too much to color, so I tried to show the different textures and colors with shading.

Another day, another campsite.  I didn't quite know what to sketch, so just started with whatever I could see.  I think I managed to draw everything from a different perspective and scale!   We finally figured out to pull out the black protective mat from the back of the Pilot to let Q get down and play.  Of course, she just wanted to grab the rocks and dirt off the edge!

Added 6/17/12:  I drafted this entry about a year ago, but never finished and eventually forgot about it.  Now that I'm preparing to return to blogging, I find this unfinished, unposted entry. I don't think I ever got Francisco's photo; I didn't find it in the file.  In the interest of keeping this blog in order I'm going to post this entry as is and then do the one I'm planning on doing now. 

Last year I never finished posting the sketches and felt I had to finish that before posting anything else.  After returning from the trip, I haven't sketched more than sporadically, but have become much more involved in knitting.  Perhaps knitting is more of a Mom-friendly hobby.  Or my interests tend to be intense, but changeable.  Whatever the case, I decided to change, once again the focus of this blog.  It will be a miscellaneous crafty blog, or whatever else holds my interest at the moment.  Depending on what the kids let me do, I may post more or less regularly.  But, since I don't think I actually have any readers at this time, I hope that doesn't matter.  I'm just over here talking to myself.